Apr 16, 2018
n3cr0sman (All reviews)
Ok so this is my first review and i will try my best so bear with me. I have seen enough "This anime is bad" reviews. Why is that? I might be wrong with this but many people seem fixated around the Franxx, the adults and the battles where as for me, its just a side story and maybe a base for something. The main story for me is the past of the team, the past of Hiro and zero two and all the drama and hardships that unfold between them all. From what i have seen the character development isn't all that bad because i have learned things for everyone and the story unfolds beautifully. Drama compensates for the lack good battles but i believe battles are not the main thing so its ok. Characters are very interesting and seem to develop quite nice as the story goes on. Up until now i loved it. I left the sound last because i dont really pay much attention to it other than op and ed so.. thats that. I give it a 8,5-9 overall. Hope this helped