Apr 16, 2018
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A very moving and beautiful anime about life.

Your Lie in April focuses on its characters, and how they affect each other, and this is shown brilliantly. With Kousei you could see how his mother’s death has affected him, resulting him in becoming a very shy boy who no longer sees the wonder and colour in life. Kaori is bright and bubbly, but gradually you learn more about her life and struggles. Yet even with her challenges she wants to make a difference to the lives around her, especially Kousei, and through their interactions not only do they learn from each other, but we as the audience learn so much from them as well. Tsubaki, Kousei’s childhood friend was developed quite well, although Watari (Kousei’s friend) could of had more screen time.

Your Lie in April is both moving and entertaining. It focuses a lot on the character’s challenges, like when Kousei is practicing the piano, Tsubaki learning more about herself or Kaori going through her difficulties, watching them face their challenges makes us care about them even more. The jokes are spot on and hilarious, I really like how the animation quality changes depending on whether it’s a serious moment or not.

Visually the series is stunning, and the music is fantastic. The colours are bright and colourful when needed, and dull during the darker moments. There is an extremely high level of detail during the music performances, while the animation remains consistently very high quality. The classical music choices are brilliant, and the original soundtrack fits the scenes perfectly.

Although it felt like Emi and Takeshi (Kousei’s piano rivals) got too much screen time, although this is only a minor issue. It felt like they didn’t add much to the main plot, although they are reasonably interesting and relatable characters.

Your Lie in April is a highly character driven and emotional story. Your Lie in April is about grief, and life. It teaches us what it really means to be alive, and what’s important in life. The characters are extremely well developed and the themes are explored well. Your Lie In April is an amazing series.

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