Apr 12, 2018
ShaIIot (All reviews)
I love this manga.

There really is no story, it's just an episodic slice of life. Despite the fact that there is no goal for the entire series, it somehow keeps the reader interested at all times. There wasn't a chapter/arc that I didn't like.

The art is actually amazing. The artist for this series is great at pulling off visual gags that even transfer well into the anime (which hopefully will get a second season). I love chibi-tanaka's eyes as well as normal-tanaka's eyes. All of the other defined characters stand out as well.

-Also, not to get sidetracked, but the animators for the anime also nailed the art. Perfect colorscheme and everything

The characters made the series. Tanaka and Oota work so well together and the friendship is so real between them that you almost forget that it's fictional. Miyano and Echizen are nearly complete foils of one another and they also work extremely well together. Shiraishi, the protagonist of a good amount of arcs, is also an amazing character. They are all excellent characters with believable personalities and interactions.

I enjoyed this series a lot. It was really funny and it was a slice-of-life that didn't entirely rely on slapstick or moe. It's honestly one of my favorite Manga I've ever read.

10/10 for sure.