Apr 11, 2018
Dionkeykong (All reviews)
Darker than the darkest depths of hell,the holocaust compared to this must have been a stroll down the park to feed ducks.THIS IS THE PERFECT IDEA OF HELL.One episode of this monstrosity can put to sleep a child with ADD in seconds.

Story?There is one i am sure.I am not suicidal enough to find out.

Animation?Well could be worse.

Sound?Out of place..Must have been some sort of after thought during lunch break.

Characters?Oh yeah,that is the best part..I couldn't care less if they got murdered brutally in the first 10 seconds.In fact it would be TONS better that way.No background,no build up,no nothing..I can't understand for the life of me how it's possible to make characters so empty of every trait apart from them being hilariously unfunny,uninteresting and stupid to the point of total destruction.

That's how bad it is.It is a crime against humanity.God gave us George Bush and celery as a benchmark for blandness..This one here,i tell u.......Destroys them into the middle of next week.By the end of the first episode i was drinking bleach shots.By the end of the second i was almost passed from blood loss cause i was trying to gourge my eyes out with a spoon.
I would be positive to sit through the damn thing if it had even a single particle that would make my pubic hair stand on end but i don't have pubic hair and even if i did they certainly wouldn't bother with this.

My honest advice to you..RUN AND DON'T LOOK BACK.