Apr 8, 2018
Oshibo (All reviews)
Story: 6/10

This is one weird hentai where if you feel bad for the husband being cucked, there is probably something wrong with you since the guy might as well have begged to have his wife cheat. He has a hot Russian wife that anyone would love to plow and leaves her alone with a guy for a month, which given the wife might have been able to hold off without Kenta, but Kouta later calls and says his trip got extended to a year. The fact that he would be stupid enough to leave her alone for a year and not fly her out to him is beyond description. He should also know his wife is dumb af too so he should have foreseen her being tricked somehow.

Art: 8/10

I can't give an objective reason, but I just really liked it personally.

Sound: 6/10

If you go into hentai with a overall rating scale of a 10/10 hentai equalling a 4-5/10 Anime, that is fine but with sound specifically, you should really expect it to equal a 1-5/10 hentai level since beyond voice acting, the OST usually seems to get whatever is leftover in the budget if any.

Character: 5/10

You have a stupid cuck, a stupid wife, a stupid pervert, and deliveryman as of episode 4. It might have been better if she opened the door and let the delivery guy screw her too filling a porn cliche.

Enjoyment: 9-10/10

Overall it wasn't special, but I really enjoyed it.