Apr 6, 2018
OVERPOWERED99 (All reviews)
ART - 8

In this never-ending growth of enjoyable fanservice, To LOVE-Ru Darkness is the instalment in which the combination of both story and mindless fun takes form in a good way. What comes out of that is quite an alluring fractal I'd say. A phenomena that began progressing one day in the household of the once ordinary Rito.

Ever since girls from outer space (and Earth) started appearing all around the main boy, any chance of serenity and calmness was quickly trashed away. Poof! Never to be seen again. But it was not all in vain as it meant meeting a group of likable girls with their own set of eccentric personalities. Darkness was no exception and this time, it actually had a pretty solid story with clear developments at its side. Revolving around the perverted, the silent, and the naughty, we enter Momo, Yami, and a new character by the name of Mea! With these three as the branches of the story, while not that groundbreaking, we were given a new depth in what had been a series mostly about fun entertainment. There were focus on backstories, giving more insight to the unseen situation away from Earth, in particular with those related to Yami and Mea. Fleshing out their characters, their feelings with the group of people they met along with their assasin side were shown. But what made Darkness so enjoyable was the fact that it mixed both seriousness and lightheartedness without breaking the flow of the story. Momo's amazing harem plan put in further spotlight on the other girl's relationship with Rito. Feelings gradually became more apparent and stronger, leading up to comedies that made them even more charming than before. You can definitely say Momo is taking strides in achieving her goal while pleasing the viewers at the same time. Cunning, foxy, crafty. Take your pick. She was a really entertaining strategist full of fun, devious schemes that worked for an ecchi and harem show like this. That said, lots of generic fanservice were still present which may get tiring due to ideas running out but nevertheless, they were amusing as each circumstances were slightly different.

Grab the visuals from Motto To LOVE-Ru and reduce the amount of whitewash. That's basically how the art looked in Darkness. It still emitted some bright whiteness in the form of gradients but the colors this time were more saturated, which felt modern and in line with the setting. Design of the characters were adorable, having body figures that were reasonably realistic with their high school age. While action scenes weren't there that much, they had a nice choreography although it was nothing special considering it's still an ecchi show. The animation was slightly better than average. However, I noticed times when it felt really dull and toned down compared to its predecessors, especially in the earlier episodes. But for the ecchi scenes, Xebec placed in more effort and the result was there. They were definitely fluid. Bear in mind that we're talking about Momo and Mea here who were quite more special with their desires compared to the others. So these scenes were certainly even more steamier than before. So many turning the knob situations. And I won't lie, they were quite tense for me to watch yet still perfect for all the bigger ecchi fans out there. A bunch of new serious soundtracks played but overall, the whole show was still supported by a handful of cheery music. Each voice actress acted out their roles in a heart-lifting fashion to make you love your favorite characters even more. They really captured their personality well and that goes for the new characters too. The opening song by Ray was catchy, having a lighthearted quality along with a sense of seriousness fitting for this season.

To LOVE-Ru Darkness strikes in right with the blade of comedic ecchi, romance, and a fair amount of serious action. The introduction of a story gave a good enough rigid structure that didn't bleach out the fun enjoyment from before, only amplifying it even further. It managed to pull off a balanced entertainment with a similar premise from its previous seasons. This treasure of enchanting girls is awaiting you!