Apr 6, 2018
Filthy_CasuaI (All reviews)
Okay here goes, this show is one of those you watch when you have nothing else to do, or don't have time to binge, or you don't feel like watching something serious. If all that sounds familiar, you've heard of Gintama, the pioneer of this kind of show. This is the chinese version, and I say version not copy, because it has its unique style.

so lets get into the meat of this review:

over-arching plot- pretty good so far (haven't read source material), without heavy emphasis, you know the type skyrim puts on you sometimes.

jokes: what we're all here for, the show is funny, thats all I can say.

characters: I very much like the characters in this show, because they're all unique. they either refine tropes finely, or shatter them completely.

overall enjoyment: i loved it, 9/10. reminded me of hoozuki no reitetsu, it was just fun each episode.