Apr 4, 2018
kokuborou (All reviews)
“I want to know what love is” with this line Violet’s journey has started.

It’s a journey of words, words that hold the power to influence the future of a person and change their perspective about the world. Finding the right words for the dear ones isn’t easy and Violet learns that through her encounters with different people who have a story to tell.

The story is made with words, words on a piece of paper that can save a dear brother from despair, can show the love and carrying of a mother for her child even after she is gone, can make the parents understand what their child wants to do with his future, can connect two distant hearts that yearn for each other, can bring news of happiness or sadness to someone dear and finally can make people come to a mutual understanding.

The letters that contain those words are the key to unlock the locket on people’s heart and break the iron shackles that put a restrain on their emotions. Each letter needs to be delivered to its destination because each written word represent the genuine feelings of its senders for the dear ones.Violet having a past filled only with cold words slowly starts to experience new words during her journey as a Auto Memory Doll, warmth words filled with compassion, affection, and love. Those words melt the ice around Violet’s heart and contribute to her growth as a human being.

During her journey the world is filled with bitter words too not only happy ones but that doesn’t discourage her despite bringing back sorrow memories, in fact she comes to accept those words as part of her and grows stronger. She does her best every time to understand the meaning behind those words and give the right words to the persons in need of them. A sweet girl that lost the dear person to her on the battlefield, she stands up, raises her head from the ground, takes the first step and moves on in life despite the pain that weights a lot on her shoulders. I love you Violet!

The pace is slow fitting for our characters and Violet’s growth, because life isn’t meant to be hurried, each happy moment needs to be savored and each hardship needs to be overcome, life is a battlefield were each of us has its own fight, it’s all part of being alive. The emotional atmosphere combined with the subtle visuals and gorgeous ost created around the character’s stories draw forth the raw emotions of its viewers and tears will be spend as an exchange.

Violet Evergarden is a letter of love addressed to life, a lesson about the hardships and happy moments in life, it’s about getting up and moving on despite the obstacles that await for you and it gets better after each episode like the taste of a wine as it gets better with age. Thematically rich, visually breathtaking with alluring ost Violet Evergarden is a gem that may be hated by many viewers or hold a special place in the hearts of its audience, can bring peace of mind and sooth your hearth, it’s a show that needs to be savored for its special flavor called LIFE.

As any journey that comes to an end it’s time to say farewell to our main heroine Violet who has reached her final destination but her fight with life will continue as long as she doesn’t give up, so my review of this enchanting show has come to an end. I wanna thank all of those who allocated a little of their time to read the words that I put on paper to create something that I hope will make a little change and give this show a try.