Feb 27, 2008
Huntsman (All reviews)
This review is for the entire bad series.

Had potential but was a let down.

When I first read about Black Lagoon, and read that it was a story about a group of mercenaries based in the modern world. A grounded tail with no space travel, superpowers or the like. I thought it would be a nice change, and the animation looked good. It did start of good in the first three to four episodes, but then things began to go down hill. Most episodes went no where, other anime did episodes like that. Cowboy Bebop had many, but they were fun and still had meaning behind them. Black Lagoon on the other hand had no point. Then there was the final episodes. What a major disappointment, what were they trying to tell. What was the point of the series. It went no where, the characters weren't interesting, the story wasn't very good. Over all a bad show.