Apr 2, 2018
Ginorin (All reviews)
Before I wrote this review, I looked at the recommendations and it was blank. I laughed.

There's literally nothing similar to this story. It's absolutely WTF, but somehow enjoyable.

Story: 5
Don't bother. Sure, there's a central story and all, but every twist and turn seems to happen for NO APPARENT REASON. Shit just happens...because. Bad guys, good guys? NO CLUE. The ending is also meh compared to how daring the rest of the plot was.

Art: 7
Good and also bad. Too much detail at times makes some parts confusing and even unreadable, but the feelings, tone, and emotions do come through. Lots of blood and stabby stab over-the-top-ness.

Character: 8
Not memorable but definitely unique and distinct. A little bit of character inconsistency throughout, although this isn't necessarily a bad thing as it fits with the crazy feel of the plot. Even the MC goes cuckoo after a while.

Enjoyment: 7
For some reason, it was a fun read, in the sense that it was so ridiculous that it's good. A great breather after reading a lot of serious stuff. Not for fans of sappy or light-hearted series.

Overall: 7
Don't expect ANYTHING from this series. Just hop on and go along for the ride.