Apr 2, 2018
Arachnophobic (All reviews)
This show is a poor man's Shokugeki no Souma - with the added conceit of synthesizing cooking and DJ-ing. Call it Shokugeki no DJ. I must admit that was a fun idea. I liked some of those nutty reaction faces, and the c h i l l o u t moments were quite easily the highlight of the show. I liked the trusty friends' group and that weird background guy in traditional clothing who showed up everywhere to dance. You go, guy! Oh, and there were some puns, beware. I liked those too though. At some level, this show had potential to be something quite fun, but it dropped the ball across a lot of departments.

The art and animation is Sasuga DEEN™ level at barely functional, but watchable. There are ways to work around this by constantly stealing the viewer's attention away with absurdity (Inferno Cop and Cromartie High School manage to do that really well), but it didn't do that as often as it could have.

What bothered me most was that the music, the one department where the show really had to shine to do justice to its premise. But most of the tracks weren't great to begin with, and were beaten down to yawn-inducing with overuse and little variation.

I appreciate they tried to end it at a kind of decent place, but it's still a 'read the manga' ending because the plot has only progressed halfway at best. And given that the manga is languishing in obscurity, the anime clearly did not do its job of promoting the source material.

Overall Score: 4.5/10 rounded up to 5. I'd skip it.

All in all, if someone wants to get introduced to the basics of hip-hop, I'd rather suggest the more hands-on approach of the amazing '44th Anniversary of the birth of Hip-Hop' Google Doodle.