Mar 31, 2018
TheAnimeVillain (All reviews)
A dude tries to confess to his hot busty extra-fertile Female Childhood Friend-Big Sister MILF (Who happens to be his teacher), but gets rejected in front of the whole class.After telling about it to the hot busty extra-fertile School Nurse MILF(Who happens to be a friend of him) ,she decides to make her move and has wild hot sex with him . The Big sister-teacher catches them in the act and threatens them with telling about all of it to the Principal.After that , the dude rapes-has wild sex with his big sister-teacher and makes her to have an intense orgasm, and the Nurse Milf records a video about it and threatens the other Milf to accuse her if she says something. After a brief discussion , the Teacher milf agrees on having sex with her "Young Brother" for ten days in order to proof that she has no feelings for him .In the 10th day she admits her feelings for the dude , and has wild sex with him until getting pregnant.The Nurse Milf gets pregnant as well.The Ending is the two milfs having a threesome with the dude and planning on getting rid of each other.