Mar 31, 2018
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Where Touken Ranbu Hanamaru fell short, It's sequel made sure to make up for it in ways I honestly did not expect from this kind of slice of life series.

A common issue with the previous season that is a MASSIVE improvement on Zoku, is the fact that now we do actually get time to see the rest of the huge cast do their daily activities or just be silly dudes doing silly stuff when not having action packed scenes.

Speaking of those scenes, I was pleasantly surprised to see an improvement in there as well. While the animation itself is on the cheap side, the animators knew how make good action with the available tools. Which, again, is nice for a series that is not mainly about the fighting.

Character wise I would say It stayed truthful to the source material to the point It was hilarious in my opinion.

Music was the same as the art, honestly. Nothing bad, nothing particularly impressive either. Just did the job when It needed to be done. Personally some of the handful scenes where the characters start to sing just because weren't really to my liking since I felt It wouldn't make a huge difference whether or not they were there.

Overall this isn't a extremely complex anime and is clearly aimed at fans of the game or people with a certain level of knowledge on the series as well (I compare It to Fate in that sense. Lots of characters), yet is a nice show to pass the time.