Mar 29, 2018
Fircoal (All reviews)
A mummy, an oni, a dragon, and a baku. Sounds like a recipe for a mess doesn't it? But rather it's the opposite. Despite the supernatural beasts that make up the main creatures of the show, the center of the show is down to earth, a love story between pet and owner.

Each of the pet and owner pairs are helped by coming together and being with each other. In many cases the humans are able to grow by being with the pets and caring for them, and the same can be said about the animals. Whether they need someone to care for them or someone to be able to help the pets and humans work together very well and help make lasting bonds that extend farther than what many other shows are able to do with regular human characters. And keep in mind, these are pets. They can't talk, they can only emote and act. But still even in these actions they're able to express more of who they are, and the value of their bonds better than many shows that have the power of speech.

Building off of that the interactions between all of the different characters are quite great. The friends act like good friends and seem to have a pleasant time bonding with each other. However as noted above the point where it truly shines is with the pets and the humans interacting with each other. There are so many light fluffy moments between them that are so charming to watch. And there is so much love between each pair in each of the things that they do.

Mii and Sora exhibit this the strongest as each of their interactions with each other shows the dedication and love that they have for each other. Mii can't stand to be too long without Sora. Sora goes out of his way to do whatever he can for Mii, whether it be reading him a bedtime story, or finding the best food for him. I'm sure many pet owners can relate with their own love towards their own pets. All of the fun ways that pets and their owners have to bond. The unique ways that you can support each other, without words yet exhibit that same love. That's what Miira is great at being able to show. They truly feel like important life partners. And they are. Because that's what pets are. Pets are magical and it certainly shows when watching Miira.

The art and animation is also quite notable in my eyes. It's not special but it does a very good job of showcasing the cuteness of the supernatural creatures. Whether it be in the middle or end cards, or in the flowery flourish that accompanies a happy pet, it does well to soak in the cuteness and express the light jovial mood that the show often has.

Even with all this fun and love there still are important meaningful parts. As I mentioned before the pets and humans really do help each other, and when the humans or pets backstories are gone into it's clear to see why the two are good fits for each other, and just how they're able to help. They're given actual flaws and issues, and in a show that could have just rested on it's good fluff it's great to see because it only enhances the message of the show, that is the power of pets.

When I watch this show it makes me want to go give my doggies a big hug. And that's good, go find your pet and give them the love they deserve, and if you like pets, give this show a try, the creatures may be supernatural, but the love is just the same.