Mar 29, 2018
KANLen09 (All reviews)
SoL-genre themed anime are the hottest trend in Winter 2018, and Miira no Kaikata is no exception: a sight of humans with critters as their individual and respective companions that fit well with them.

What happens when your parents send you something from overseas that's an oddity? Well, prepare your hearts for Mii-kun the mummy that's cute and adorable as well as the other critters!

The show does what is done best: cuteness overload bearing to the point that it's nice and smiles around to see the critters (Conny, Isao, Mukumuku) relating to Mii-kun, and not forgetting their owners too.

It begins with Sora Kashiwagi, with his "adventurer" tag of a father, sending him the mummy case, and as usual the oversized case hides the small adorable Mii-kun, which Sora got used to amidst the "instruction manual" that's attached to it.

Then in comes Sora's best buddy, Tazuki Kamiya, with Conny, an oni child that's seems to be jealous and frustrated at its owner's actions, with Tazuki realizing Conny's plea and eventually comes to accept him wholeheartedly.

One of their classmates, Asa Motegi, encounters Isao, a flying dragon (NOT lizard, which is her absolute fear) that like Mii-kun is able to understand what his owner is saying, but the dragon critter is probably the most shy one out of the rest for its inadequacy to react fast (e.g. *SPOILER ALERT* when Asa and Isao first met in her room).

The weird person of the group, Daichi Tachiaki, a senior schoolmate, knocked out by the numerous bad dreams in his life during his sleep, Mukumuku is here to the rescue to suck up his negative energy despite its boisterous size. He's also the most uncanny person of the group, but does help occasionally for the group.

And what better way to explain the whole synopsis with the great art and animation by 8-bit? Haven't seen such prowess at the studio for years gone by, but this really solidifies the studio as one of the greats when it comes to the SoL genre, so seeing this pop up with bright colours made to entice kids and people who love cute things definitely made our days.

The sound too evokes cuteness, yet nice and good-hearing tunes to listen to. I will admit the sound department in this show isn't the strongest, but both the OP and ED really gave the show it's appeal IMO, so much so that it's a good hear, just not a great one by any means.

Overall, I really felt that I enjoyed this hidden gem of a show that not many people are wiling to take a shot to try out. Heck, now that the anime's finished, I recommend you peeps to try it out and be pleasantly surprised by it, just no expectations please!