Mar 29, 2018
MetaThPr4h (All reviews)
The season passed and this anime sadly got no hype whatsoever at any point, but damn I would be lying if I said I didn't love it! The easiest way to describe Miira no Kaikata is “diabetes bomb” and it's definitely one of the shows that made me smile the most of just how freaking adorable it can get.

This anime starts with Sora, a boy who already got used to get dangerous things from his adventurer dad, and the shock that his next surprise is not a mortal monster that should have been kept sealed instead of sent as a present to his son, but instead an absurdly cute and small mummy called Mii-kun that gets really affectionate to Sora, this is nothing but the start of his daily life with him around.

But while being the main duo, they are just a part of a show with equally likeable characters (but they are not as cute as Mii-kun, sorry, the bar was too high), his childhood friend Kazuya might look scary to everyone, but he's actually really kindhearted, and there is also Motegi and Daichi, who got closer to them due to their own affection towards the mysterious pets they end up living with, finding that way friends to talk with about them, while Sora and Kazuya are the ones that mainly get protagonism, these two also have their very good moments, especially in their introductions, the show did a nice job at making me like them from the start.

One thing I really liked of this anime is how as the episodes passed, we got to understand more and more Mii-kun and the other “pets” that appear during the series, what they like, why they do x things and act the way they do... all while having lots of scenes where we see them play around together, usually mixing Sora and friends for extra comedy, and especially smiles, I know I'm repeating myself, but really, this show is adorable, their interactions are so heartwarming.

The definitely weaker points of this anime were the artistic and music part, with none of the two passing the average at best, but that personally didn't affect my enjoyment towards the series. I don't go into this type of SoL shows expecting them to stand out in those aspects, if they are good and I also like the characters, even better, if not, it's totally fine, and in this case this anime did enough with that.

Now that we reach the end of the review, I only have to ask a question left so you can confirm if you want to watch this show or not. Do you want to smile a lot and have a good time? If you do, start Miira no Kaikata, that's all!