Mar 29, 2018
momo9 (All reviews)
Super adorable anime!!!!! I'm so glad there is finally an anime adaption after waiting for two years since I started reading the manga on comico. All of the little creatures are so cute and it makes your heart melt, espeically Mii-kun and Isao. This anime is basically mini adventures of Sora and his friends. The plot is simple and starts with main character Sora receiving a package from his father. Inside is Mii-Kun!!! From there more characters are introduced with their partner creatures. The bonds between creature and their human companion is illustrated in this anime. We do get to see other unique creatures who live away from humans too and while it seems like a cheerful show, there are hints of a dark past that the creatures and characters go through. Sometimes seeing all the creatures reminds me of Studio Ghibli films. Artwork and music wise are ok, not my favorite but it's not bad either.

Overall I liked this anime a lot! I've been reading the manga since two years ago so I had read around 100 chapters, and this anime covered quite a lot. The characters are well developed and the pacing is fine. They did change the last two episodes though, so parts of the last episode are anime original. I think the finale would have been better if they had just adapted the manga and not include the original content. Either way most of the show is very relaxing and light hearted. Watch this if you want a SOL that is cute and overall relaxing. Most of the show is not in a school with those typical school events like the school festival, studying, etc. It's more about the little creatures and what they do outside of school.