Jun 25, 2010
imprezagc8 (All reviews)
Before reading please note that this is the latest season as of 2010, if you did not watch the previous seasons I highly suggest that you do so.

Right off the bat flashbacks. So if you did choose to watch this season first you will be slightly confused since there are a lot of flashbacks and references to past events. While it may be possible to just watch this series and enjoy it because of all the fan service, that alone does not make this story line good. From beginning to end, watching each characters progression through a life that they are forced to live in because to the magatama that has been passed down to them. Now that is where the story is. Each persons magatama represents a famous person from a war that happened long ago. While that does have a very big influence on how each characters act, that is not entirely the case in this season. This season try's to point everyone in the direction that you do not have to be tied down to the fate of your own magatama.

Wait... what artwork? The only thing that you notice in this anime are the girls boobs. Strategically ripped/torn clothing. I honestly can't remember but I am pretty sure that not one girl wears a bra, so every fight you see boobs. This is in my opinion the biggest selling point of this anime. You most likely watched this anime because you wanted to see half naked girls fighting each other.

Opening song is decently catchy. It is slightly fast paced to match the fact that a fighting anime is about to start. Other than that nothing much to say about the sounds, unless you want to count the moans ands groans that the girls make. ^_^

Information about characters are based on the persons magatama. Based on history from the past that information is taken into account in the present day to predict what may happen. Apparently everyone is based on a book called the three kingdoms. I don't know if the book is real or not, and honestly I don't care. Unless the book has pictures of boobs on every page I am not interested.

While the story is not the best ever, it is very entertaining to watch. Best part about this series are the fight scenes. Every single fight you see boobs left and right. It just puzzles me that the fight can be so intense that clothes are ripping everywhere, but panties seem to be indestructible. I mean come on just go all the way... but then again if that happened this anime could easily turn into a hentai. Either one would have been fine by me but whatever.
If you are the kind of person that likes to have a good story behind the anime that you watch you might want to stay away from this one, unless you like boobs. Then by all means watch this anime.