Mar 27, 2018
Arachnophobic (All reviews)
Note: The rating on the right is wrong. It's meant to be 11/10, but silly MAL doesn't allow things like that.

First things first: In spite of what the cover looks like, this is not a 'Cute Girls Doing Cute Things' (CGDCT) show. The main cast happens to be made of cute girls, but the show quite deliberately takes common character tropes from the genre and casually tosses them out the window - creating living, breathing high school girls who practically jump out of the screen, all with their unique and lovable quirks.

This is an adventure drama, and the staff from Madhouse (starring Director Ishizuka Atsuko, who has directed No Game No Life, and Scriptwriter Hanada Jukki, who has a long and impressive list of writing credits, including K-On!!) came together to churn out one of the most inspiring, well-written and beautifully packaged stories the medium has to offer. No matter who you are, I whole-heartedly recommend this absolute masterpiece.

The show looks gorgeous from start to finish, with fluid character animation being complemented with some beautiful background art modeled after real life locations - yes, including Antarctica. The staff left no stone unturned in properly researching the locations of the story, doing everything they could to breathe an atmosphere of realism into the show - and they passed with flying colours. There's an an attention to detail and tendency to tie everything into the story that I feel is unprecedented. Not a single frame, or a single story beat is extraneous. Everything has a purpose in adding little by little to the main theme of the story: that people should always keep moving, always changing, experiencing new things. Life is meant to be a journey.

I could waste more of your time raving about the adept direction, stellar cinematography and wonderfully written characters who complement each other and the story perfectly - but I won't. Just go watch this already and be prepared to experience a whole gamut of emotions. This is an 11/10, a truly memorable experience, and one I'm glad I could catch week by week over the course of January to March 2018.