Mar 26, 2018
Lookism (Manga) add (All reviews)
Rhazia (All reviews)
This is the first time EVER that I couldn't put a"book" down while reading. I got addicted to this manhwa pretty quick. Started reading it without knowing anything except for the description.

Story: 10/10. The story progression is well-paced. It is not too fast nor too slow. Whether or not it is realistic is for you to decide. Something supernatural happens in this story (as you can see from the genre tags), so I do not think it would be fair to expect too much realism in something such as this. However, on the side of school and bullying, I do have to say that it does a good job in portraying the harshness of it all and the things it can do to a person.

Art: 9/10. Pretty great art. I was not used to the art style at first, but it's not bad in the least. The only problem I have is that some characters (mostly secondary ones) are drawn similarly to others, which can be confusing if you don't pay attention.

Character: 10/10. All the characters play a role in the story. There are a ton of characters, but I found myself caring for all of them a lot, even the ones you are supposed to hate, as they are memorable. In a story, the best thing for me is how a character learns and develops as the story progresses. I believe Lookism really does a good job in making the characters alive in this way.

Enjoyment: 10/10. As I've already said, this is the first time I felt like I never wanted to put the "book" down.

If you ever wanna give this manhwa a shot, please read it through Line Webtoons in order to support the creators. Reading from the site is free, so there is really nothing to lose.