Mar 24, 2018
Ryuseishun (All reviews)
There are certain anime series that get you wondering "what the actual frigging hell am I watching"...Pop Team Epic is an epitome of that kind of series. Even though it is meant to be a shitposting kind of series, shitposting doesn't actually mean good comedy (I'll go into a bit more detail about that in my review). It had me to the point where I was questioning even why this became an anime series in the first place. I'll be frank with this, even though I'm probably gonna anger some crazy fans: this thing is actually qualified as TRASH.
I'll try to be brief with this review, cause even with just reviews, it's hard to really input anything decent about this series.

STORY: Story? Plot? HAHA, what plot? What story? In pretty much every decent to great series, you need to have some sort of story or settings implemented. Pop Team Epic had none of the me, at least, it is basically the Japanese version of Robot Chicken, but much worse. The parodies, skits, references, whatever the joke may be...that's ALL there really is to this series. Oh yeah, about the Hoshiro Girldrop tease and then the hi-jacking, it IS funny, I'll admit, but for the most part, it's just one cringy joke after another, and honestly, that kind of stuff can get bland after a while. When people tell me this series is very philosophical, I think it's more so of how it gets you thinking philosophically as to why this series is one of the most absurd things you'd have ever watched.

ART: I don't really have much to say about the art other than the fact it's the kind of art (excluding some parts) that you'd see in anime specials/shorts or in those wacky-looking Western cartoons. The chibi looks and all that for the two main characters, though...doesn't make them look any good whatsoever. I guess it's sorta okayish, but barely anyone is really gonna praise it or even be attentive to it, anyway.

SOUND: Well, not much to say about it. I will admit that some of the ending themes were done pretty well, but for the most part, whatever soundtracks are featured will depend on the respective joke or parody, and even then are very subpar and mediocre at best.

CHARACTERS: So the main characters here: a yellow haired shortie that gets easily triggered (sometimes for no reason) and a blue haired lanky quiet girl. Popuko and Pipimi are just really there with their rather contrasting personalities to set up each joke and play it out in the most absurd and ridiculous of fashions. Knowing that, I don't see how one can really like them as a character in general. The only way one would be able to like any of them is for the fact that they are at least the perfect fit, in terms of their personality, to make the jokes as outrageous as possible.
As for character development...considering what this "series" is, there is none, and none needed. The supporting cast? Really depends on what the joke/parody/reference/gag is, honestly. The only truly recurring members are the ones that are part of the Hoshiro Girldrop skit, that's about it.

ENJOYMENT: Now here's the part I really want to try to make clear. My level of enjoyment is usually mid-ground, but it purely depends on the jokes with each different episode. I do want to point out early that each episode is really just two copies of the same stuff placed together in the same 30 min it's more like 12-15 of just ridiculousness followed by another 12-15 minutes of the exact same damn's as if the staff thinks we can't get enough of it, for pete sakes.
I personally couldn't find myself really entertained after the first fact, the jokes eventually felt dry and bland, or just straight up cringe that doesn't turn out funny to me. Honestly, I'd get more kick out of watching classic Western/American cartoons or live TV shows where they have a similar sort of format, but a better display of hilarity and jokes. In short, enjoyment level for this series REALLY depends on how funny or stupid the comedy is, and for me, it's middle-ground.

OVERALL: Beware, as this series can be a mentally exhausting experience. Honestly, this is a kind of series that people would only support for the lols (OR LOL attempts). Even the artist contributions don't even really have much worth for it at all. Even Futurama, Family Guy, and American Dad actually had much better examples of random (though mostly inappropriate) comedy.
As one who has suffered them and survived to tell the tale, I advise one with their sanity still intact to just avoid this like a god damn plague....however, if that you're THAT bored to where you're only entertained by ridiculousness and absurdity, I guess this series may fit your bill, but even then, you may eventually find it boring if the jokes don't rub you the right way. Granted, at least it's not something like Ousama Game, Boku no Pico, School Days, or Mars of Destruction.
And on that note, my rant of this "series" is done.