Mar 22, 2018
gorongo (All reviews)
The true darkness of vampires beings..that’s Vanitas no Carte for you.

WARNING : Maybe contain a spoiler. And don’t forget..pardon me, if my grammar is sucks.
I could say this is one of the best manga about vampire all of time. Everything comes from the same place, the greater existence of the book of Vanitas. How the tragedy keeps rolling, the dark past about vampires and inner conflicts between themselves; those pieces will swallow up you inside. The well-known author of Pandora Hearts is comeback with another dark story.

You can see clearly from the summary without I need to explain it. It has fresh start, the conflict shows up which lead to the fateful encounter between blood crimson and blue moon vampires. The action is freakin’ good. It’s quite amazing if you consider the mangaka itself is a woman, rarely to see between every female mangakas.

At first glance, it’s hard to tell what’s exactly going on. Jun-sensei tried way too hard to suppress the mystery vibes in it with only ‘a little bit information’ and it is ‘scattered everywhere’. And as the result, it made the reader confused. But no worries, you can truly grasp about the situation when you already used it.

The story is very deep and dark, the actions taken by characters has connected each other, there always cautious behind the scenes. It makes Vanitas no Carte completely in a nutshell, confusing, yet intriguing. I can see the similarity with Pandora Hearts. They have the fear, the dilemma. But Vanitas no Carte beyond that, it has more darkness in it.

As you can see with only 4 volumes so far, still have long way to go. It keeps added much information; about Vanitas as a kin of blue moon, the connectivity who is Noe’s teacher and how he dealt with the book of Vanitas, what exactly happened and why The Grimoir of Vanitas is really dangerous. Everything still remains unclear. Which is why, the problem not nearly reach the surface. But, it’s enough to make thrilling you inside.

Take notes by Jun-sensei, she said herself that the main character of this manga is Vanitas and Noe (based on volume 2 by Yen Press). They are a double protagonist. It is interesting to see that there are fair roles between human and vampire which used Noe’s perspective as vampire. But still they are (dumb) duos who lead this story and their actions much greater than we expect.

About Vanitas? He is stupid, an inscrutable human. He is the kin to vampire of blue moon. He has same wavelength as Xerxes Break (for whoever don’t know him, he is from Pandora Hearts), cheerful yet mysterious. As the story goes so far, everything about him still vague which make it very interesting to see his true natures and how he develops.

And that’s why, the bumpkin country Noe, exist and must always by his side. Can he tear apart the poker face of Vanitas? Lesse.

Both of them are so funny! The chemistry between them in the future releases is really good. They are arguing about small matters, shared same wavelength and support each other. As planned double protagonist, it comes up with good results.

For other characters I can’t say that much (as this review, I’m in chapters 20). I repeat, the main focus is Vanitas and Noe, but not necessarily mean the other character is ‘not important’. It is only they rarely show up in every chapters. But I’m pretty sure they will, it only matters of time. The characters in it, based on their actions is it small or big, it leads many disaster they should embrace; betrayal and individual purpose take a roll in it.

Put its darkness aside, there is fanservices here. Not fujoshi-bait as two male lead characters, it’s exactly the opposite, the romance between Vanitas x Jeanne and Noe x Domi. It’s quite complicated and amusing in the same time. I myself, I ship Vanitas x Jeanne, they are cute.

ART (10/10)
Jun-sensei’s art is the marvelous one. It doesn’t have sketchy type, but well-used in screen tone. What I really like from her art is the expression of every character. It really is addicting, captivating and dangerous.

I really like, no.. I love this series so much. It keeps me want to see more. I can’t deny there is time I confused myself because the information in it is overlapped each other. But it’s enjoyable.