Mar 22, 2018
HunTyson (All reviews)
There is not too much to say about this manga since there is basically no story, or character development, or anything you can usually find in a manga. I would call this not a manga, but a training manual which looks like a manga. If we watch from this aspect than it is a decent one.
I like training, and it is also my job, that's why this manga was recommended to me. I have to say I am not disappointed. The techniques, the training methods, and the general concept of training are well introduced, with enough time spent on proper forms. Even risks of injuries are mentioned. There are only a couple minor mistakes here and there, but nothing big. So for someone who is not training but wants to start it, I would say it is a funny way to get some information about training.

But what about the story?
There is not much to it. We follow a high school girl who wants to get fit in order look good\get a boyfriend. She joins a gym, where she learns something new every day. Not an interesting story, but that's not the main point of the manga. The main point is the training, and that part is well done. There are a couple funny moments too.

Not astonishing, but I would say it is at least decent. There are a couple ecchi scenes(not too much, maybe 1 page in every chapter), which are well drawn if you are into that stuff.

Again, it is not the main point, so I would say they are typical characters, mostly funny.

I would recommend it to anyone because you can learn the basics of training from here in a fun way, but don't forget to ask a professional if you really want to get started.