Mar 21, 2018
Cendervill (All reviews)
Super Secret is a very simple manhwa that focuses on a werewolf boy and him love for a girl, Even though im still reading this, I can say that this is one of my favorite manhwas of all time, the story is simple and the art is cute, but the characters are my bread and butter. Ryan is a very strict yet kind-hearted boy that has feelings for his childhood friend, Emma. Emma is airheaded, but not in an annoying way, she is caring and is fearless. The side characters are also very enjoyable, they all have either a small or big problem they have to deal with from Hunter not being accepted into his family to Jasmine, wanting a good and stable relationship with someone special. All the characters in this series all got different personalities and something special about them.
This is a good manhwa! go read it now!