Mar 21, 2018
Higemoon13 (All reviews)
Straight-laced honour student meets tough delinquent. This clique has been used a multitude of times. Yet the way that Kei Ichikawa writes the story of Blue Sky Complex changes the feel of the clique and makes for an innocent story about love and acceptance of yourself. The two main characters both fall in love in different parts of the story and under different circumstances. Terashima fell in love with Narasaki at first sight, while Narasaki, after spending more time with Terashima, finds himself drawn to him, and eventually this attraction turns to love. It’s a story of two strangers becoming lovers, and due to its excellent pacing, feels like a natural and realistic progression for the two mains.

This story is cute in all sense of the word. The characters are both almost polar opposites, yet they bond over their shared love for reading. It portrays an innocent first love, as well as understanding their own orientation. The art style is gorgeous, very simple yet elegant which fits the overall theme of the story really well. It does a really good job at developing their relationship gradually throughout the story, with them eventually living together at the conclusion.

Lewdness Rank: 4/10 [Honours Seme], the more *cough* physical *cough* parts of the relationship, while are included don’t show anything graphic, and is pretty innocent

Story: 9/10, the story and the characters are what makes this manga worth a read. Both mains are likable and their relationship is well developed as to feel more natural

Definitely worth a read if you’re looking for something a little bit more light-hearted and romantic. The story is genuine and sweet, with enough drama to keep it interesting and sprinkles of humour thrown in with the interaction the characters have with each other.