Jun 21, 2010
Omninferno (All reviews)
This OVA was an amazing way to end the Fushigi Yugi series. Although I liked the original TV series ending a lot, this one was just as good if not better. You kind of have to sit through the horrible first OVA to understand the background of what is going on in this second OVA, but this one makes up for the last one. Don't worry if you are completely confused while watching the first one, cause everyone is just as confused. Plus the first OVA has some nice comical shorts at the end of the whole gang going to a hot spring.

The animation is just as good as the TV series, and this OVA give a lot of the background of the Suzaku 7 that isn't really shown in the TV series. You also finally get to see the white tiger Byakko (one of the 4 gods). If you enjoyed the TV series, I guarantee you will like this OVA.