Mar 16, 2018
Lawlz117 (All reviews)
Violet Evergarden is a hit or miss show, it has many good qualities but it also has many qualities that can discourage people to watch the show entirely. I think it's most down putting quality is it's pacing, the show feels slow at the start and some episodes suffer the same which can force people to drop the show entirely. Characters are also another major problem, I can only recall two names and that's Violet and Gilbert seeing as how those two are the most interesting, every other character is either under-developed or only have a one episode appearance.

Now while I have been listing all the bad qualities of Violet Evergarden, I still think that the show have some very good strong points that keep me coming back for more like the music, art, Violet and themes from the end of each episode. I think the emotional payoff at the end of some episodes are really touching and actually leaves quite the impact, feelings are something everyone have and are hard to communicate, so having Violet (a character who was really insensitive and had little to no emotion at the start of the show) write letters for other people to convey their feelings and having her learn what it means to feel is just genius.

Violet Evergarden is a show that doesn't really feel like it has an over-arcing plot that lets you connect with main characters except Violet, and it also has very slow pacing. Despite all that I think that the shows visuals, sound and emotional episodic payoffs are what makes it a worth to watch. Violet Evergarden is a hit or miss, try to watch the first episode and see if you like what you see.