Mar 16, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
I cry a lot. I'm a very emotional person. However, this OVA didn't really bring me to the point of tears, which was baffling for me. Usually, anything related to graduation in animes usually makes me cry. I'm one of the stupid people that's cried watching Winnie the Pooh.

Regardless of the fact that it didn't even bring me close to tears, this OVA made me sad, and mostly in a good way.

The story was pretty good. The nice recap at the beginning was cute, especially with the songs (which I will talk about later). I also really loved the real 'episode' later with Yumoto's reluctance towards his senpais' graduation and a real powerful monster for once.

The art, as always, was pretty, neat, and nice to look at. No complaints there! The illustrations during the end credits were also gorgeous.

Now the song-- this is where the songs come in. Each characters has a 'theme song' during which they recount some awesome shots of themselves over the past two seasons with hilarious lyrics to back it up. All the songs were relatable and made me laugh, making the first half of this OVA worth it, even if it did drag on a little bit. En's was hands-down the best one.

The characters weren't really developed here, but we got to see more feelings than we usually do with this show, which was pretty nice. We also got a little bit of development for Yumoto, though as the protagonist, the other characters probably needed more than he did.

Overall, I enjoyed this way too much.

I would recommend this if you: liked either of the first two seasons, like a little closing episode, like gag songs

I would NOT recommend this if you: didn't like the first two seasons

Have a great day everyone!