Mar 16, 2018
LeaOotori (All reviews)
Wow, I didn't expect to enjoy this at all! My journey with this anime has been pretty bumpy-- I watched one episode of this years ago, but unbeknownst to me at the time, I watched the wrong episode one-- I had watched episode one of the second season before the first. I was confused and bored by the episode, so I put it on hold. But if you've read any of my reviews before, you know me-- I can't handle leaving things unfinished.

I went back to this series earlier this month and I realized I had watched it in the wrong order. I finished the first season quickly, and while it was repetitive and dull at times, it was by no means bad. I expected these qualities to continue into the second season, but I was surprised as the second season was a great improvement on the first.

To begin with, the storyline improved by volumes. While the first storyline's plot twist made the show worth it, it was also drowned out by repetitiveness and the too-simple plotline. However, in this season, it starts out repetitive and slowly evolves into an actual multiple-episode plot with important flashback details being planted throughout the show. It's not a particularly fascinating or unheard-of storyline, but it's definitely entertaining and fun.

The art, like always, was pretty good. It's neat, clean, nice to look at, and is made up of bright colors that are pleasing to the eye. The characters are all easy to differentiate (save for sometimes Haruhiko and Akihiko-- but they're twins, so I guess it can slide) and the backgrounds are well drawn.

The sound was pretty amazing, especially since the main villains are idols this time around. The opening song and closing song were really catchy and all the twins' songs were upbeat and well-written. I really enjoyed the song bits across the episodes.

The characters improved greatly from the first season. Instead of just relying on stereotypes, they developed some characters more and gave them more sides to their personalities, which I really appreciated. They also developed more on the kinda 'romance' between Atsushi and En and Ryuu and Io.

Another great selling point to this series is the jokes and parodies-- the show is a blatant parody of magical girl shows, and it does a great job of it. In addition to this, they always have some innuendos going on (see the volleyball episode) that serve to make all dialogue hilarious, not to mention running gags such as En's exclamations every time the Battle Lovers come across some shocking information.

Overall, this was too much fun to now watch!

I would recommend this if you: like magical girls, liked the first season, like innuendos, are looking for something laid-back to watch, don't like stressful cliffhangers, want something light-hearted

I would NOT recommend this if you: didn't like the first season, like darker subject material, like overarching storylines, want a lot of character or plot development

Have a great day everyone!