Mar 16, 2018
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TheLewdOtaku (All reviews)

I have only read 20 chapters so far, even though this manga is finished.

Anyway, my opinion about the story. Well, so far, this is not my first manga about space and astronauts. But I can say for sure that the story is unenjoyable and stale.
Of course being a shônen, it has those "shônen" moments and the light comedy.
Okay, now you may think: "Omg, School, Shonen and Comedy. This is so overused.". And.... well you're right.The manga has nothing new.

Art. Fair, not bad but it’s boring to look at. It gets the job done though.

Shônen character. Nothing new. Dimwitted overly optimistic MC. Overbearing and annoying female side MC, and smart third part of the group. They are all best friends and really support each other.
I can really complain because these character archetypes are so overused, they’re so unrealistic. Same goes for the story. Even for a sci-fi.
What this story is lacking is an inkling of originality, it’s way too boring and trying to play it safe.
About the support characters. They support, literally. They suck too, incredibly devoid of any character.

Enjoyment. I didn't really like it too much, it's not completely boring but it's also not really all that interesting either. It is exactly the light heart manga with the main character that will always try to suprise you with new stuff and cool moments but end up failing spectacularly, this isfar from what I was looking for (after reading Uchuu Kyoudai, Planetes, Inherit the Stars and plenty of other well-done sci-fi manga this just strikes me as hilariously unimaginative and bland). No real suspense or sense of urgency. A perfect time killer for anyone with absolutely nothing else left to read is the best praise I can give this manga

Overall, meh. Not great, not terrible, just offensively boring and dull