Mar 14, 2018
Lightblade7 (All reviews)
This is probably the first review i've ever made. Lemme start by saying this: I'm disappointed.

I was very much looking forward to this anime. The game has a cool story, but the actual gameplay is awful so i'd rather not play it if I could. So what better way to enjoy the story than through a beautiful anime, right? Wrong. This anime took what I knew of the story of Fate/Extra, and tossed it in a blender with some Shaft-ness and fanservice and let it go.

Story: Almost no clue what's going on most of the time. They jump between backgrounds and settings, drop random story elements then never mention them again. The first episode doesn't leave you wanting more, it leaves you thinking "...What?"

Art: As expected of Shaft, the artwork is amazing. Beautiful character designs, gorgeous backgrounds and unnecessary head tilts. This anime is pretty, if nothing else.

Sound: It's alright. The fact that no music in particular comes to mind when I think of this show makes a point that it's very unremarkable.

Character: Let's be real here. We're all here for Nero. Nero is the selling point of this show. Without Nero, the show is nothing, and this anime knows it. From her being literally the only character in the opening, to them constantly shoving her near-naked body in our faces, Nero is more of a focal point than the supposed main character. Speaking of the main character, he's so boring and one-note that it's almost funny. All he really does is keep a straight face and say "hate" for 23 minutes while Nero does seven backflips and screams UMU.

Enjoyment: As you may have guessed, I didn't enjoy this show at all, so I ended up dropping it. I WANTED to like this show. It had tempted me with great visuals and one of my favorite Fate characters, but let me down with the bad story execution. Unless you told me that show does a complete 180 later on, I wouldn't bother picking it back up again.

Overall, if you're one of those people who watches anime solely to see that one cute character you saw on social media, then maybe you'll stick to your guns and watch this. Hell, maybe you'll even enjoy it. But as someone who was looking forward to seeing how Fate/Extra played out in anime form, it's preeeetty bad.