Jun 20, 2010
la_tigra (All reviews)
This is one of the most original manhwa ever. Almost every gender bending manhwa have the same pattern but this one is different.

A girl who has to survive in an early age. Having to disguise as a guy since she was young. The story is full of unpredictable events. You would be surprise how the characters change and mature.

The art is superb. I have to admit that this manhwa is one of the reason that I would say most of the shoujo manhwa is better than shoujo manga. Don't get me wrong shoujo manga is really good but shoujo mahwa would always take the cake. :)

The hero and heroine is cool. And they really suite each other. And you would really hate the villain especially the girl.

As for the enjoyment I have to say that it was on top. I read all the available chapters straight. I seldom do that so there you go. You would get addicted to it and would definitely ask for more.

It would be 9 for since I haven't finish it yet.

So if your looking for unique and original genser-bending manhwa you should read one.