Mar 14, 2018
Tirta_Firdaus (All reviews)
A beautiful anime, that heals with the peaceful life of tiny beings and their cuteness. Hakumiko clearly stands out as one of the notable SoL and Iyashikei anime in this season.

Story 8/10

The story revolves around hakumei and mikochi. It's about their everyday life, from their daily work, shopping, events, etc. The storyline itself might not that deep, but the world building aspect is a deep one. Althought this anime presents those in an episodic way, but the timeline still can be defined clearly.

Thing that notable from the story of hakumiko is that we can feel the "connection" that has been made by those two MC. The "connection" persists, quite developed and well-kept in a very light-hearted manner. This amplifies the iyashikei nuance. "Connection" can make our heart smiles.

Art 8/10

The art aspect is quite definitive, in the way that it has originality in its style. The form of things in hakumiko is still definitely that of normal form - leaves as leaves, people as people, fish as fish. But the style makes those normal things seem original enough to appreciate.

There are also many things beside the style that can be appreciated, but i have to note that there's one thing that this anime fails at : the animation. It's not actually fails, but the animation is that of average anime or even less than that in the term of quantity.

Sounds 8/10

The seiyuus, all of them, played their role greatly. We can know the personality of the character just by hearing their voice.

The songs are also very fit for this anime. The OP song, urar, has this light, natural yet mythical nuance which amplifies the sensation of peacefulness. The ED song, Harvest Moon Night, is light-hearted and cheerful song that closes the anime with a smile + there' some trivia that helps with the world building.

Character 8/10

Each of character can be clearly defined by their characteristic. This suggests that this anime has a nice characterization. But it must be noted that, with the exception of a few characters, the characterization isnt that deep. Many of side characters only has 1 episode screen time - hence it can't played deep. But the characterization certainly is wide.

Enjoyment 9/10

This anime has its own uniqueness in ithe way it plays SoL and Iyashikei genre. Despite its faults, this anime still can deliver those genre successfully with a clear and defining characteristics. If someone want peacefulness and light smiles, this anime might give those to you.

*edited : i made it shorter :3