Mar 14, 2018
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Personal Opinions
Honestly, I actually really enjoyed this anime.  I didn't watch this knowing who the creator (Jun Maeda) was, and I didn't even think of Angel Beats! during this anime, which is a bit strange because Charlotte and Angel Beats! are quite similar.  I actually thought that this anime was better than Angel Beats!. I'm also writing this review against the surprising amount of negative reviews.

Story: 8/10
This anime's tone was very strange.  I didn't read the description of the anime before going in, and only saw a few pictures.  I kind of thought it was going to be a bit of a darker story...which wasn't exactly wrong, but the first episode completely threw me off.  The anime started out seeming like a cringe-worthy slice-of-life comedy anime.  And if the anime continued like that, I definitely would've stopped watching.  In the next few episodes, the anime got interesting enough that I didn't leave, but they weren't spectacular or anything.  It still gave off that slice-of-life feel.  However I got really interested when the anime suddenly took a dark turn, turning the anime into a completely different genre...and then it changed back again.  And then it got dark again.  Basically, the tone of the anime was rather inconsistent, which, in most cases, I dislike.  But for some reason this sudden changing of tone didn't affect my opinion of the anime in any way, and I really have no complaints about it.
I enjoyed the story.  The first half was nice, the second half made me cry (just a little bit at the end!).  Being the kind of person I am, I enjoyed the second half better.  My only are with the first and last episodes.  The first episode, as I mentioned above, made me cringe.  As for the last episode, I think it should've been stretched into two episodes.  I don't have as much of a problem with the pacing of the final episode as other people do, but I think they should've extended the beginning of the finale and the ending of the finale, putting it into two episodes.  However, I've never seen a 14-episode anime, and honestly I'm pretty fine with the last episode being how it is.
Yes, this show does have minor plot holes and convenient occurrences.  But, seeing as this is mainly a drama/slice of life anime, none of this should affect your experience greatly.  The purpose of this show isn't to create the next Steins;Gate.  It's to make you laugh, to make you cry.  The show wants to use drama to entertain you. You can't watch a slice-of-life drama and then call it stupid for having bad mystery elements. You can't watch a shounen action anime and call it boring because it has no romance.
Charlotte is most definitely not a ripoff of Angel Beats!, despite the numerous similarities. Calling Charlotte a ripoff of Angel Beats! is like calling Log Horizon a ripoff of SAO, or Kabaneri a ripoff of Attack on Titan. Despite having similar tones and events, Charlotte is most definitely not a ripoff of Angel Beats!.

Characters: 7/10
The main character's personality was a bit strange, as his personality is a bit obscure at times - but, he really does have a personality.  He is not some bland, boring male protagonist, and I thoroughly enjoy how he changes throughout the series.
Nao, the female lead, has an enjoyable personality as well.  The way she reacts to different things helps you understand what kind of person she is.
However, the characters in Charlotte are definitely not the best.  A lot of them are lacking in character development and are mainly defined by one or two traits.  If some of the main characters got more screen time and character development, this anime would've been a lot better.
Even so, the characters were, for the most part, interesting and it's not like I hated the characters or anything.

Art: 10/10
Pretty darn good.  It's not the best animation I've seen for a show, but it's still really good.  Enough for a ten.

Sound: 9/10
Wait, let me go listen to everything again.  Brb.
Sorry I'm back.  For some reason I only tend to enjoy the music after I finish the anime, unless I really really like the music.  So the OP was actually quite fitting for the anime, more so for the second half than the first half.  The ED for most of the anime, 'Yake Ochinai Tsubasa' also really fits.  I'm definitely getting both of these songs on Osu.  The rest of the music was nice as well.  The second ED, used for episodes 3-4, fits those specific episodes quite well.  The third ED, episode 6 (geez this episode...) was just beautiful instrumental music.  The fourth ED, for the finale, was a nice, mellow ending for the series.  No complaints, really.


Final Notes:
My rating for this is actually lower than how I would rate it if I just based my review on purely how much I enjoyed it.  It's a really nice anime.