Mar 14, 2018
digi900 (All reviews)
Lately around MAL community , it's been a trend to give low ratings to every popular anime and absolutely ignoring what exactly is it that the show is trying to convey or present . It's just much easier to write a bad review about a particular show and criticize it to easily get people's appreciation . Hating popular things have always been fun .

If developers make an ecchi genre , we can't really look at it from a philosophical stand point or expect an amazing story line, world building , powerful character driven stories or amazing character development .
A moe or ecchi anime is only made for fans of that genre so we should remember that at every single point before passing on the hammer of our judgement in such matters .

Back to the question at hand of Overlord 2, If i had read the reviews on MAL and not watched this show , i would have missed out on a good fun experience . Not an enlightening experience but a "fun" experience. Ask yourself this before your going to watch this show :
Are you looking for a show that is very philosophical or dramatic or historically accurate or slice of life or plain deep in context ?? If your looking for something which has amazing story lines , amazing characters , variety , uniqueness , thrill etc .
Your not going to find all of this in this show and much more .
This show is not mature , it's not even trying to be mature or different .

But what Overlord 2 truly is is just a cliched , Isekai , Overpowered protagonist, adventure and Fun show . This show is what I would call an Escapism show . It's a perfect show to escape from the worries and stress of life to watch a funny and mostly entertaining show .
If you love Momonga being a badass , love how weak everyone else is , if you basically don't care much about the story but just wish to see how Momonga takes over the world , your going to like this show . Not saying there is absolutely no story here , there is some but its not that prominent . Also the world building in this show is actually not that bad . The power struggle feels kind of lackluster . Most of guardians and their own motivations , their bits of story feels fun .

Although this anime tries to be different from Other Isekai and in some ways it is quite a lot different . Momonga as an example isn't really much of a Hero and he truly is trying to take over the world .

As some people compared this show to SAO , I would say there is a lot of difference , Kirito always tries to be a good guy but Momonga is debatable , He isn't exactly a good guy or a hero trying to save everything . Also SAO laid a ton of emphasis on Kirito while here , we hardly see Momonga in the show . The lizard arc was mostly Lizards and their politics and struggle .
It's quite interesting watching this show giving emphasis to these side NPC characters over the main characters of the show as it was mainly during the first arc .
Kirito is also a loner while Momonga was the head of the guild , Momonga is smarter , much smarter than Kirito . He has his own little kingdom .
It's like watching huge OP people crushing ants although Momonga seems to lack any real reason to take over the world .
This show basically focuses more on side characters than main ones , very different from SAO or Re Zero .

Believe me, I've read over 50 different Isekai already , Overlord does set itself apart from the rest in many ways but I really wish for more genuine fantasy than this Isekai Genre being forced down our throats .
I also found this show to genuinely more funny than plenty of other Isekais who try to be .

Ok , Onto others things , The animations is alright , It's give it a pass , it's not incredibly amazing like Fate/stay (Unlimited budget works) but it's quite nice .
I liked the opening for the first season better but the ending is not bad here .
The soundtrack , i hardly remember any real OST from the soundtrack so i am not the best person to judge this .
The characters are decent and quite cliche , they are mostly your average anime tropes , some of them are getting a little character development like cocytus and Sebas Tian . Rest most of them either don't get enough screen time or are one dimensional .

To conclude , I enjoyed this anime despite it's flaws as when I watch Overlord , I am not expecting to watch Monster/Mushishi/Code Geass/natsume yuuchinjou etc .
Just looking for a nice fun anime for timepass and that's exactly what this show offers . It's better than many Isekai shows but some of the old shows about being summoned to other world will give this this show a run for it's many .

Ratings :
Story : 6
Art : 7
Sound : 7
Characters : 5
Enjoyment : 8
Overall : .6.5 ( I'll give it a 6 for now , will see what to give after i finish the anime )

But remember , don't worry about the reviews , If you liked season 1 , you will 100% like season 2