Mar 14, 2018
MonOmega (All reviews)
ok man this fucking show has caused me pain by watching it, FUCKING SIDES HURT MAN!
shit is funny as hell dude these sisters are the bringers of the schoolpoclyps
see what i did there :p not funny? its fine bro this show will for sure do the trick man. HOLY shit what an introduction to the 3 main characters, very impressive
almost every character has some decent background and are pretty memorable
"the dad is my favorite character"

dispite all the praise im giving it! a good story it is not sadly this is one of thoes anime that you dont have to watch in order (after ep1-3 that is) but is still fucking funny none the less man totaly bingable for sure.

i never liked kids but fuck my life IF EVER I HAVE GIRL TRIPLETS! MARK MY WORDS THEIR NAMES WILL BE FUTABA, HITOHA & MITSUBA. if that isint a sighn from god then damn dude idk what is.

hey look man do your self a favor stranger WATCH THIS SHIT!