Mar 14, 2018
MonOmega (All reviews)

as a child i have seen dolls fucking move an their own IT IS NO JOKE MAN!
but this series was a bit of a mind fuck TBH, like the story and the setting was pretty good and then the fire nation attacked, but quickly retreated when they saw these scary as fuck dolls that move and talk, & DaMn dude they sassy as fuck its like Lord of the Rings meets chucky but subtracts the murder & ands a pinch of "actually decent characters"

it will for sure retain your shit attentions span for atleast 3eps, how ever side affects may leave you feeling confused and uncomfortable about seeing nude dolls(that can sas you about your perverted actions), i mean you almost forget they are dolls.
main character is a fucking asswipe that needs to get socked in the vaj,YES I MEAN THE BOY! but hes actually balanced with the supporting character.
ACTUALY FUCK THAT! the fucking doll may as well be the main character as she is way more interesting the the dude by a long shot!

but the antagonist doll (Suigintou) is a pretty refreshing character for sure
they Bombard you with new characters early on but then slow down as the series progressis that it starts to become a bit dull for my tast at least

still though its an ok show if ya dont mind the paranoya about dolls after.