Mar 14, 2018
KPaladin (All reviews)
I have to say; looking at this anime and reading the synopsis for the first time, I didn't really expect anything out of it; another cluttered anime filled with repetitive cliches and a bad storyline was what I thought at the time.
After watching just a few episodes, I felt like it was everything I've ever looked for in a romance anime; a depiction of young love that feels real, the awkwardness and tension you can cut with a knife; it was definitely worth every second. This was definitely my AoTS, and is probably one of the best animes, if not THE best romance anime I've watched storywise.
Looking at the anime itself, I definitely enjoyed the story to the point where I felt like I was indulging myself too much. The realism this anime brings to the table as opposed to other anime in the same genre was fairly mindblowing in my opinion; it seemed like this type of story could actually be plausible in real life. Their young romance seemed refreshing; and the incorporation of side-characters (their parents, friends, etc.), as well as other irrelevant-seeming factors (the use of LINE) gave it an even more realistic feeling for me.
The art was probably what turned me off a little bit from the anime. Don't get me wrong; the scenery and relevant characters looked good for the most part, but what really turned me off were the CGI characters that looked like walking zombies just weaving in and out of the background. Other than that, I really don't have any complaints about the art.
The sound, or maybe I should call it the lack of sound, is also one of Tsuki ga Kirei's redeeming qualities. The already prevalent tension and awkwardness in the story you could easily cut with a knife is strengthened by the intentionally placed moments of silence for extended periods of time. What's more, is that they also add in a plethora of realistic humanlike sounds like grunts, moans, sighs, etc. in order to emphasize the use of silence throughout this anime.
Both of the characters, Kotarou and Akane, were what I felt like to be prime examples of young love in anime. Their awkwardness when they first meet, the developing and blossoming of their relationship and the embarrassing moments they share throughout the anime make it all the more enjoyable to watch. Being able to cringe (in a good way) and share the characters feelings as the story goes on is a very important part for me in a romance anime, and if you share the same feelings as I do this will definitely be worthwhile to watch.
Overall, I think this anime was one of the more hidden, underrated romance animes of 2017. Not expecting anything out of it, but getting everything in return was one of the most pleasant surprises I received while watching it back then. I gave this an overall 10/10; if you enjoy romance and slice of life anime as much as I do, then the story, the plot, the characters, and just the realism of it will blow you away.