Mar 14, 2018
BobbyTheOpen (All reviews)
This is the best show I have ever seen. The story begins quite easy with this normal boy but he discovers a secret power that he uses for whatever he wants. Then their's this small society of others with unique abilities and they try to take those with powers to them selves before the organization does. Since the organization dosen't care about those who wield powers but instead they just keep them imprisoned and do inhumane experiments on those with powers. This guy the story is about is caught by the society before the organization and deeper into the story it gets darker every episode. Turns out such as he have been to the organization but luckily got out before by Time Travel. He has to do cruel things and regrettable choices to save those who are close to him such as his sister. In the end, story gets a 10/10 of me wich is a pretty high rating but I think they deserve it. So I recommend this as a serie for a day when you only want to chill eating popcorn infront of the screen.