Mar 14, 2018
KPaladin (All reviews)
As far as this anime goes so far, I have enjoyed it quite thoroughly these past few weeks. Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san is a Slice of Life anime in which two middle schoolers have a relationship where the girl teases the boy (contrary to other similar popular anime).
The story has no real plot to it, and is fairly repetitive; but I don't think it should pose any problem because of the way in which this anime is laid out. The art and soundtracks are well done, and I even went to such lengths to try and cover the opening on my piano.
The two characters Nishikata and Takagi have a decent amount of synergy with each other as the episodes go by, but I do find Nishikata's tsundere-like attitude a bit repetitive. I gave this area a 7 only because the roles are reversed and strays from the normal anime stream. Otherwise, it might've been lower.
As far as I got in the series (10 episodes so far), I have really enjoyed this purely for smiles and teasing comedy. I tend to watch more slice of life anime compared to action anime, so if you tend to have the same tastes I believe this anime would be something to watch for sure.
Overall, I gave this an 8/10; if you like comedy, slice of life, maybe even a little bit of romance, I definitely encourage you to watch this anime! I smiled and cringed (in a good way!) the whole way through, and is definitely worth the wait every week.