Mar 14, 2018
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Stranger_Hanyo (All reviews)
Search up MAL, and you'll find an abundance of romance manga, but I guarantee you, you won't find anything like ReLIFE. It's just the best. The way it handles the aspect of growing up, school life and most importantly depression, ReLIFE is nothing short of a masterpiece. The way ReLIFE tackled real life problems, I have to say, I am trying to change my life after reading this, such a great impact it had on me.


Story: ReLIFE deals with the protagonist Kaizaki, a depressed working man. One day he meets a guy called Yoake, who hands him a strange looking pill that will revert his appearance back to his high school self. Kaizaki takes the pill, joins a high school and tries to change his life. What happens for one year, is his ReLIFE, a chance given to change his way of life for the better. Here he encounters fellow classmates Hishiro, Kariu, Ooga, Onoya and Yoake.
The story progresses with Kaizaki opening up to his newly met friends, developing bonds and trying to shed away his depressed past. How he grows up, falls in love, takes responsible decisions, and becomes a good man, that's what ReLIFE is all about.

Art: ReLIFE is a webcomic, so don't expect your excellent manga art. But for what it's worth, Yayoi Sou has done an amazing job with the art. The designs are not extravagant, the backgrounds are pleasant to look at, and the characters look just normal, which in my opinion is a very much required point for ReLIFE. You will just love it, and my God, Hishiro is just total adorbs. The first time I saw her, I knew what my future wife should look like.

Character: This is probably the best part of ReLIFE. The characters just feel real and most of you can relate to one or the other. As for me, being a depressed youth in his early 20s, I strongly could relate to Kaizaki. The brooding darkness in his life, the way he failed to make friends, it hit right at home for me. The way Kaizaki, slowly but steadily tries to change, the way he breaks barriers and helps others, the way he makes friends and falls in love, it just felt too goddamn real.
As for the other characters, Hishiro is absolutely the best. She, also being a subject of the ReLIFE experiment, is trying to mend her past, and Kaizaki helps her with it. The two of them form the best of bonds and unknowingly it evolves to love. The other characters, like Kariu and Ooga also develop throughout the manga and changes for the best.
The best part is that, in ReLIFE none of the characters are ignored. You can see each of them evolving and having a separate story of their own, unlike most of the other manga out there.

Enjoyment: If there was a score greater than 10 on MAL, I would have given it to ReLIFE. It's absolutely the best. Not a single chapter feels boring, not a single character feels uninteresting and man, it's just the best. I would stay awake every weekend waiting for the new chapter, read it and then go to sleep. It was just so good. Believe me, just don't think much and read it. You'll be bound to love it.

Overall: A solid 10/10. No other manga has been able to make me happy as much as ReLIFE. It had a tremendous positive impact on me and I am trying to change myself for the good after reading this. As a sucker for happy endings, ReLIFE is just perfect. Kaizaki and Hishiro grows up, and almost forgets each other, breaking the hearts of the thousands of readers. Just when I was about to lose all my hopes, the mangaka brilliantly uses a plot point and it I got my happy ending. I am like, immensely happy with it. There's not a single flaw I found with ReLIFE, except the fact that I'd just love an epilogue showing some cute and happy moments that'd heal my soul.

TL;DR: If you don't want to read my long review, here's a short one, GO READ ReLIFE. It's the best, like no manga ever was. Read it and be a happy.