Mar 13, 2018
lazypigz (All reviews)
Sometimes, less is more.

I have to admit this is that one show that have slipped under my radar when the season first started. I'm not a big fan of the Slice of Life genre, as it is just so easy to get those shows wrong (prime example being Musaigen no Phantom World) when shows in this genre have such light plots, so I was pleasantly surprised when Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho (A Place Further than the Universe) was not "just another CGDCT show that i'm probably going to forget in half a year or so".

Sure, Sora Yori is a CGDCT show but it also manages to be so much more at the same time. The story is arguably it's weakest point of the show. There are so much shows out there that beat Sora Yori in terms of plot. By no means is this bad though, as Sora Yori's cast single-handedly carried the show above and beyond the status quo of SoL. Watching this really made me feel like I was experiencing the journey to Antarctica without boring me out, and I loved every second of it.

Characters in an anime can make or break a show, no matter how good the plot may be. Most of the time an anime only has one or two good characters, but Sora Yori has an entire line-up of great characters. With a great cast led by an all-star team of VA's, Sora Yori went from a mediocre plot into an outstanding story. Never before have I seen main characters that just fit so well together; Hinata, Shirase, Yuzuki, and Mari are a prime example of what friendship goals should be. And instead of being clueless characters whose only purpose is to provide plot points, Sora Yori's supporting characters all have ample screen time to develop into dynamic characters that strengthen the core cast.

Spring 2018 is a season with many popular and great anime, and it saddens me that the show only has 70k MAL members at the time of this review. Madhouse has truly stepped their game up with this title, and really now Sora Yori has impressed me and it has far exceeded my expectations. This show pretty much just came into the ring and TKO'd all the other Spring 2018 shows for AOTS. Anime of the season by a long shot.

Good plot, strengthened by great characters led by all-stars in the VA industry, with great Madhouse art. Like seriously, watch this show.

Story: 8
Art: 9
Sound: 10
Character: 10 (wish I could give more)
Enjoyment: 9
Overall: 10