Mar 13, 2018
Symbolicsunset (All reviews)
Let me start this by saying I am not a big fan of mecha anime, they are far from my first pick. Honestly when I first heard about this show I wasn’t that interested, but then I saw a video on youtube talking about world building in anime, and if there’s one thing I love it’s good world building. So with nothing to lose I decided to give it a shot and I was instantly engrossed.

If you’re not one for long reviews, such as myself, then here’s the skinny of it - check it out, it’s worth a look at what become of the remains of Gainax and with Triggers amazing art it sure to at least be pleasing to the eyes even if its concept doesn’t speak to you.

Now for the fat of this. Now I can understand how some… aspects of this can be a turn off for some people, I was vaguely intrigued by concept of teenagers frick-fracking to pilot a giant mecha, but not enough so to check it out until I came across the aforementioned video. The one thing I’m really digging about it so far is that it really is showing and not telling me about the world the story takes place in. I grind my teeth in absolute frustration when any form of media just explains to me instead of letting me experience it. I know I said before it’s worth checking it out just for the art but if you commit it’s worth straying around just to see how to do world building right. Now I could gush and gush about the world building aspects, but my goal isn’t to bore anyone so let me loop back around to the mechas and the um piloting of them. Personally I think they do the pilot scenes tastefully, it’s left kind of ambiguous and when you think about how mechas in anime are usually used as a metaphor to puberty it makes sense. The only weakness I’ve found so far is the characters. The main character is a bit bland, but I think he has potential to grow, as do all of them. The only really strong and personable character is 02, but then in the same token the paristes aren’t really supposed to have personalities if we compare our main squad to the others. The art like I’ve already said is well done, Trigger never fails on that front and I was a little surprised to see that A-1 pictures even had a part in it (but I suppose visuals have been one of their only strengths). The soundtrack has been good too, it does it’s job of setting atmosphere and all that jazz. The directorial work has been fantastic too. Really nothing has failed to please me with this show. If you’re not too uptight about some mild nudity and sexual implications and all for good directing and art work, check it out.

So hoped this helped, I tried to keep this brief cause I’m not about long ass reviews I just want everyone to get to the point and my point here is to give it a shot and if it’s not for you then it’s not for you and that’s ok we can’t all like the same things.

Granted I feel I should say I'm viewing this as it airs so my thoughts and feelings could changed depending on how it goes, Trigger is known to botch it's endings. But anyway this has been my first review for, well, anything so again I hope it was helpful.