Mar 13, 2018
Loganyosoy (All reviews)
Have you ever played Animal Crossing, Harvest Moon, Stardew Valley? Why do you play them? If I had to guess, it is to escape your everyday life for a little by stepping into someone else's shoes. That is the pleasure that Yuru Camp provides. It's a lovely show, and I recommend it.

Story: 0/10. There isn't really a story. Four girls go to school together and like to camp. That's all, really. As such, I didn't think that it was fair to evaluate the story, since there is little in the way of plot. That's not a bad thing, though. You can be watching it, space out while thinking about things, life, etc., and pop back in when something catches your eye without worrying about missing some big story element. It brings the relaxation of camping and solitude to TV. It doesn't reuse the same jokes, so each episode or pair of eps is its own unit, so the show is free of pacing and limitations. The camping tips provided throughout Yuru Camp are both adorable and helpful.

Art: 10/10. The illustrations are beautiful. Mountain facades, city overlooks, wide open fields with lil critters, all lovely. Each character is visually unique, so it is easy to tell them apart most of the time. Animations are always smooth, not much else to say!

Sound: 10/10. Embracing the peacefulness of the outdoors, the show takes cues from softer bluegrass sounds as most of the ambient music. The tunes are catchy guitar, banjo, fiddle melodies that stick in your head, forcing a smile when they come up. OP is surprisingly exciting, and very upbeat. It reminds me a lot, and I mean A LOT, of One Up Girl, the main theme from Super Mario Odyssey. I'm serious, listen side by side and it's nuts. ED is softer, allowing you to bask in calm merriment at the conclusion of each ep. Make sure you stick around, since a little extra scene plays after each ED, and the stills running behind the track and credits change every now and then.

Characters: 9/10. Super cute and likeable, the main characters are definitely the centerpiece. The older sisters are a little more strange, but they don't appear much. Rin is the quiet loner, not as an outcast but just due to her introverted nature. The others understand and respect this, and it is clear that she is already liked in her school. It's nice to have an introverted protag that isn't the social outsider that we often see. Kagamihara is energetic and silly, but not overbearing. The other two girls in the Outdoors Club are pretty similar so far, both dedicated club members with a passion for food and fun. I hope we get a little more info on the more minor club members, but either way they're still charming.

Enjoyment: 9/10. I'm surprised at how much I like this show. I didn't know what to expect, I definitely expected drama of some sort. Instead, Yuru Camp a laidback show about enjoying what you have with whoever you want, even if that whoever is just yourself. I hate the outdoors (heck, I'm on MAL so that should be a given) but Yuru Camp makes me want to take a trip up to the mountains.

Overall: 8/10. Having no story is kind of what gives Yuru Camp the breeze to fly on. It allows total freedom with the adventures the girls take. The girls are funny in a more subtle, chuckle inducing sort of way. The scenery is as beautiful as a sunrise view over Mount Fuji, and the soundtrack really bolsters the splendor of each scene. I look forward to finishing the season!