Mar 13, 2018
joshuad2002 (All reviews)
this anime is first of all over rated but in a bad way the second of all the main
protagonist has good character traits going for him like being apathetic but he is so apathetic that he is deaf and bind but the real problem with him is that him being apathetic is his whole character that's all he is apathetic now if you want to see a apathetic character done right look a miharu fron nabari
he's depressed and apathetic and you know the only reason he is apathetic
is that he's depressed so he's has layers unlike the mc of aldnoah zero and
this anime is a example of the seaonaly main steam crap that plagues anime now days with all this moe and stuff i'm glad welcome to the nhk exposeded
this crap when it started but it was'nt enough to stop all the moe i'm not saying theres not good anime any more but now days we have all these sell out youtubes that seen like mabye 100 anime aki dearest the anime man
the only one out of the group of bigest anime youtubers thats seen a ass ton of anime is misty ya know what happen to the days of evangelion and bebop
ghost in the shell , legend of the galactic heros ya know the good stuff and that at the core is whats wrong with aldnoah zero and why i give it a 3 for poor because it's a poor ass anime and it sucks ass give it a pass guys i sure a hell not watching seaon 2 of that shit hell no