Mar 13, 2018
Cicada7 (All reviews)
My problem with Kuroko no Basket is something that seems prevalent in some other sports anime; over dramatics. That is to say that there seem to be a lot of over dramatic points in the anime that happen a lot during each basketball match.

There are literally multiple scenes in which the characters face some sort of obstacle and say "Oh my God, what are we gonna do!" and then this obstacle is overcome. These obstacles often revolve around someone being taller that the other players, or jumping higher, or moving faster. These obstacles are always overcome by simply having one of the main characters suddenly be able to jump higher or move faster. There is little thought to how they can overcome these problems. This wouldn't be so bad if it didn't happen so often in each basketball game and the simplicity of basketball does not help this. Perhaps if these moments were explored in better ways you could make the game more entertaining.

The worst of the over-dramatics are the numerous points in which they make a big deal about the other team scoring having more points than them; usually only 2 or 4 points ahead. They make such a big deal about this and take the time to dramatically show how bad all of the characters are feeling each time. I don't know much about basket ball but i do know that they often score 50 points or more in each match so this makes it rather annoying to see the momentum of the game stop because the other team is ahead by 2 points. It's hard to get invested in a sports anime that takes every opportunity to make the smallest things more dramatic.

The art and animation is quite good but it does make it quite hard to distinguish between the good teams and the really good teams. This distinctions is not done so well in this anime, which means that whenever they need to show that a team or player is really good it always ends up with them looking like they have superpowers.

The story is fine but most of the characters are quite forgettable, which is not something you should have in an anime about a team sport, especially one with only 5 players.