Mar 13, 2018
RenderBr (All reviews)
This is actually the first review that I'm writing. I generally don't feel the need to post a review but I actually enjoyed this anime and didn't think it was average. Despite that, here's my review:

When I first started watching this, I thought, oh maybe this one won't be as painful as all the others since it's only 12 minutes per episode. Oh, boy was I right, and not because it was only 12 minutes per episode but because it seemed decent. The first episode is where most of the characters are presented.

The second episode, damn, I'm actually liking this so far.

Little did I know, I'd finish the whole anime in under 2 hours and a half.

And what can I say? It was pretty decent. Despite some cockblocking, irritating characters and slightly useless events, it was actually okay. It's not something that I'll remember for much longer but for what it's worth, it's a good watch. Now, hopefully, they make a season two so that this continues but I can't have high hopes for that as lots of anime's second seasons are... not always the best.

Time to talk about the 'damn dude they did this right' and faults of this particular anime:

Story: It was alright, with sparse background information, it didn't get too annoying. Nobody seemed to have any tragic backgrounds which is something that I needed from these past few anime that I've seen. It was all happy and cheerful. While there honestly isn't that much story, there's a lot of character development, something that most anime doesn't have enough of.

Art: In my honest opinion, it was good. Awesome in fact. I love this style of anime and whenever there's an anime that isn't styled like this, it's somewhat hard to watch for me. Everything looked beautiful and realistic.

Sound: Satisfactory but not prominent. Voice acting was fine along with the lip syncing which I guess is expected these days.

Characters: Besides the few irritating characters, the characters were bearable. They didn't want always want me to rip my eyes out, put them in a plastic bag, fill it up with water and smash the bag with a hammer. Wow. Some of the characters were shy, some loud, and some obnoxious but they all seemed to fit.

Overall: It was good. I will never re-watch this but that's just because when I rewatch things, they tend to be, how do I say, not as good as the first time. Hopefully, a season two comes soon so I can watch more!