Mar 13, 2018
Keita2014 (All reviews)
"Attack on titan was THE hit, so let's do another one of that kind" was probably what the creators of this anime thought. It's an original series by the same producers as attack on titan and seraph of the end. Similar characters, setting and storyline make it almost the same in 12 episodes and shorter arcs. But looking deeper into Koutetsujou no Kabaneri itself and all it's details, we get a show that does a pretty good job at what it is supposed to do.

The zombie-like monsters called kabane rule the world in a post apocalyptic world. The hometown of our main character gets attacked and he flees with some other former inhabitants on a giant, iron train. With new developed superpowers and a newly developed weapon, he now tries to fight back against the monsters who took everything from him, even his humanity.
Or to say it in short: "AoT in a zombie world on a train".
Story: 4/10

Animation and Sound fit the tone and atmosphere of the show very well and keep your interest and attention in every scene it shines. Sometimes over the top, it is one of the best things about this anime.
Art & Sound: 8/10

At first the characters in the anime were very well developed and each of them were given equal amount of time to show their own stands in this anime. And after a certain episodes all the characters and their timing were scattered around giving more importance to the surrounding. Pretty basic and nothing new, you still can't hate them and they are often solid.
Charcters: 6/10

Despite the initial expectations on Koutetsujou no Kabaneri and all of the comparisons between this show and Attack on Titan, we think this show proved to be quite decent. Maybe the storyline could have been better, but there is little more we could ask from its characters.
Overall: 7/10