Mar 13, 2018
Koranai (All reviews)
I think this deserves more credit then people are giving it. This is a very cliche story, but somehow they manged to remake this story a different way. I think ratings should be about how much you enjoyed it. If you enjoy a show shouldn't it get a high rating? instead of writing a review about how it was like every other story, i choose to write a review solely on how many emotions were running through me at the time i was watching it.

I really love how this story makes you feel like exited, happy, sad, anxious, and somehow make you want to watch more. The anticipation i have waiting for the next episode is unbearable. I look so forward to the next episode and never want an episode to end. This is how i feel about a lot of shounen anime and manga. I just wish that the episodes would come out faster. I love everything about this anime from the soundtrack to the backstories. The animation is beautiful, well-done, smooth, and breathtaking. The story is your typical shounen cliche, but is that such a bad thing? I don't think so. I think we all love the typical shounen anime, and this is no exception. The anime pulls you in and never lets go of you. The characters and their backstories are amazing, they pull at the heartstrings and make you feel sympathy even for the bad guys. the soundtrack is amazing, the songs of this anime make me feel what the anime is all about. Overall, I love this anime along with many other shounen anime and hope you will agree.

"If it makes you happy, enjoy it" - Koranai 2018