Mar 13, 2018
BPXXBLINKERS (All reviews)
If you dont already know this anime is the first part of an ongoing series, and so far its very good. From Kadokawa the makers of many great anime titles such as: Heavens Lost Property, Spice and Wolf, Steins Gate, Deadman Wonderland, Ect. This anime is a great step forward from the typical anime concerning videogame life, Rather then showing the struggles of getting out of said game or trying to live a new life; The main character shows that he will be continuing the life style he has always had online. This Brings out the great concept of not just adapting or forcing to live in a new worlds but shows how one would move on.
The over all story and characters are good, however the art is not perfect. There is CG in some areas of the plot mainly during fight scenes, and the sounds and voices and sometimes get annoying but not overly. However the regular animation is something to be marveled, this improves the anime as a whole quite a bit.

Over all I like the feel of this anime and i believe that the second season will be worth watching as well. i would give this an 8/10.